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How to install a free-standing lamp - Smarty Lamps Lampshades IQ Lights Assembled Ceiling Shades

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How to install a free-standing lamp

How to install your Smarty Lamp:

The shade is designed to be placed on a surface; a table, sideboard or the floor. It comes with light fittings consisting of a cable with a bayonet one end and a plug the other end.
You absolutely must use an energy saving bulb with this lamp. Energy saving bulbs must be used with the lamps as the bulb will probably touch the sides of the shade when installed. Energy saving bulbs have a very low heat and can therefore touch the sides of the shade safely. Use no more than an 8W energy bulb which is equivalent to a 40W incandescent light bulb. DO NOT USE AN ORDINARY BULB.
Fit your energy saving bulb to the bayonet fitting at the end of the cable and get ready to insert it into the lampshade.
The lampshade is made up of the same shaped pieces which meet at the corners to make a ‘joint’, the joints are circular and made of three, four or five hooks. Choose a joint where you wish to install the cable. Ideally pick a joint of five. Now, look at the curved gaps between the lampshade pieces that meet at the joint, if the gap is big enough, push the bulb and cable through one of the gaps next to the joint and feed through into the interior of the shade. Adjust the length of cable accordingly, then slot / slide the cable along into the joint, positioning it in the centre of the hooks, gripped securely in place. (With some smaller shade the cable doesn’t fit into a joint of five, the cable doesn’t have to be gripped by the joint, this is only really important when the shade is hanging from the ceiling)

Smartylamps does not accept responsibility for badly fitted lampshades by the customer. Please be patient it can be fiddly.

Step by step:

1. Choose a gap in the shade's construction.

2. Attach the bulb to the bayonet and insert this end into the gap.

3. With the bulb on a short length of cable, slide the cable along towards a joint (where the corners of pieces meet)

4. Bring the cable right into the middle of the joint where it will be firmly gripped and held in place.

5. Place lamp on the floor or surface and plug it in.



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