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Smart Deco - Fine artist jacqueline hammond has a popular unique style of painting - many of which are available as originals or prints of the original. Also available are selected products such as deckchairs and lampshades onto which the more popular artworks have been printed onto.

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A select range of lampshades,prints and deckchairs are sold on popular T.V advertised notonthehighstreet

Smartylamps at Glastonbury Festival 2009 - Circus Big Top: Youtube video link


Fine exhibitor / client of SMARTY LAMPShades - as featured on the stall at Glastonbury Festival and WOMAD for the past few years

Smartylamps has provided the lighting show in the Backstage Bars of events and music festivals such as WOMAD, The Glade - dance music festival near Newbury and Beautiful Days, near Exeter. See for details and images of the bar and lampshades. Some of the special lighting effects such as projections and LEDs make fantastic use of the lampshades creating another dimension. Highly professional example of Smartylamps as a lighting solution for the entertainment, events and hospitality industry. 

The original purveyors of guarana based products, herbal and legal highs and natural health products for the lows. Available to purchase online and on all good festival sites. Fine exhibitor / client of SMARTY LAMPShades .

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